ORTIV, the future of glucose monitoring

Imagine a world where the days of pricking your fingers with needles are a distant memory.
At MVITRO, we are proud to unveil our groundbreaking innovation in the field of diabetes management. Meet ORTIV, a revolutionary glucose meter that combines painless laser blood sampling with a blood glucose monitoring system.
No more stress from pain, no more disposable needles, no more concern for infections.
Say goodbye to discomfort and hello to a new era of ease, comfort, and precision.

Key Features

Needle-free laser blood sampling ORTIV employs MVITRO’s optimized laser optics technology that gently and painlessly extracts a drop of blood sample, eliminating the need for traditional, intrusive finger pricks. This not only provides a much more comfortable experience but also significantly reduces medical waste and eliminates concerns related to infections associated with the use of needles.
All-in-one device By seamlessly integrating a laser lancet with a glucose meter in a single device, ORTIV has simplified over 70% of the blood glucose measurement process. Reduce the complexity of your daily routine and enjoy the convenience of comprehensive monitoring with our smartly reinvented technology.
Mobile app data integration ORTIV offers data integration with our dedicated mobile application, eliminating the need for manual handwriting of glucose results. Effortlessly track and monitor all your blood glucose data with the MVITRO app.
Compact design Designed with your lifestyle in mind, our device is modern, compact, and easy to carry. Keep track of your health confidently whenever you want, wherever you are.